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Glass Shower Door Mistakes

Many modern homes have moved away from traditional tubs in their bathrooms to glass shower enclosures. Although these showers are expensive, they are more classy, durable, and convenient than conventional tubs. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid with glass shower doors.

Overlooking The Shower Head Placement

Not considering the shower head placement results in a leaky shower. Shower door installation should be done in relation to the door opening. Make sure the hinges of the door are on the opposite side of the shower. This minimizes water spillage when you open the door.

Installing the Enclosure in an Uncleanable Space

Many people make the mistake of adding a piece of glass near a tiled wall. As a result, water will flow between your shower door and the wall. Water will not dry quickly if the space is too small to clean. Over time, mildew and mold will develop.

Before installing the glass shower enclosure, inspect the shower area. Your technician may suggest modifications to get rid of gaps that could allow water to penetrate hard-to-reach spots.

Not Checking the Shower Curb Slope

It is crucial to contain water in your shower area. If you don't control the water properly, the result would be slip and fall accidents and water damage. To prevent accidents and incidents, you should resolve shower curb issues. The curb slope shouldn't necessarily be level. 

As a rule of thumb, this part of your shower should have a few inches of a slope. Water will leak all over the floor if the slope is toward the bathroom floor. Consult your shower installation expert to get the right slope in your shower.

Not Researching the Maintenance Requirements

Some glass shower enclosures require more cleaning and maintenance than others. Frosted glass offers more privacy but is more difficult to clean because of its textured surface.

On the other hand, cast glass is textured. The deep and striking grooves and ridges make cleaning these enclosures hard. Additionally, framed shower doors are affordable, but the presence of framing and tracking around the glass means you have more areas to clean and dry. Many people prefer frameless designs because they have no problematic nooks and crannies.

Not Buying Protected Glass

Many homeowners want to save on the initial cost of glass shower enclosures by buying unprotected glass. Unprotected glass needs to be cleaned frequently. Furthermore, unprotected glass is more susceptible to corrosion and staining. This means the savings you made at the time of the purchase will go to hiring cleaning and maintenance personnel.

You should invest in shower guard glass or glass treated with an enduring shield coating. This glass is easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, the glass is resistant to staining and corrosion.

For more information about shower doors, contact a local supplier.