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5 Signs You Need To Replace An Insulated Window

Insulated windows can look fine even if they have failed unless you know what to look for. The following are some easy-to-spot signs that it is time to replace an insulated window.

1. Moisture Condensation

One of the most obvious signs of a failed insulated window is condensation between the panes of glass. You may see moisture if it is humid or damp, or there may be water spots inside the glass that you can't remove. Moisture between the panes means that the seal has failed and the insulating gas has escaped. The only effective way to fix it and restore insulation is to replace the damaged window.

2. Drafts and Air Leaks

Insulated windows should be well sealed so that no drafts make their way into your home. If you can feel a draft, then something is wrong. Sometimes the problem is as simple as weatherstripping or caulking that needs to be replaced. In other cases, a draft may indicate damage to the window that allows air in. In this case, replacement of the window may be necessary to stop the draft.

3. Rattling Glass

Another sign of a failed seal on insulated windows is rattling glass. The glass shouldn't rattle in the frame when the wind blows or a nearby door is slammed. In fact, there should be no window glass movement within the frame at all. Any rattling or movement indicates a seal is no longer fully securing the glass, which means that the insulating gas has leaked out and the window is no longer as energy-efficient as it should be.

4. Damaged Frames

Window frames can also be damaged, which can lead to drafts or compromise insulating seals. Wood frames are most prone to damage from moisture and rot, as well as cracking from weathering or windblown debris. If your window frames are warped, swollen, showing signs of rot, or otherwise damaged, then you need to have them assessed by a professional. In some cases, new frames can be installed, but often the entire insulated window must be replaced.

5. Broken Panes

A broken pane on an uninsulated window can simply be replaced, but a cracked or broken pane on an insulated window means that much of the insulative qualities of the window have been permanently lost. You can opt to have the cracked pane removed if the second pane isn't damaged, but be aware that the window is no longer insulated unless you have the entire window replaced.

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