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Basic Window Tint Films For Commercial Use

Window tinting provides more than just darker windows on your building. It can also make your building more energy-efficient, improve security and safety, and provide necessary advertising. 


When most people think of commercial window tinting, solar film is what comes to mind. These tints come in varying levels of darkening, from light tints that block glares but allow high visibility to dark or even mirrored tints that block most light and can be difficult to see through — at least from one direction.

There are also UV blocking films available, which allow in natural light but block out harmful UV rates. Low-emissivity tinting films are another upgraded solar option. These low-E films are more energy-efficient as they prevent thermal gain from the hot rays of the summer sun. Some can even block thermal loss from inside the building, which results in less heat loss in winter. 


Another common type of tinting is done with security film. This film contains durable polymers that can't be easily pierced or punched through. If something hits the window with force, it may shatter the glass, but the film will hold the glass pieces in place. Security tint isn't just for intruder prevention. The tint can lead to increased safety in work areas where accidents could lead to glass impact.

Security tints can also provide glare prevention or window darkening, depending on the tint you choose. There are also temporary security tints that are designed to be peeled away if graffiti occurs on a window. The graffiti only affects the tint, which is peeled off and discarded. A new temporary tint is then applied.


The right tint can also double as signage. You can have window tint printed with your company name and logo, a list of services, or other branding as desired. Decorative tint can also provide purely decorative flairs, such as faux lead panes or faux stained glass. Often, these tints also provide UV protection and privacy, as well as providing an appearance boost to your business's exterior.

There are permanent decorative tinting options. These usually feature branding or business information, such as hours of operation. Temporary tinting options can be removed seasonally or as needed. These are usually printed with seasonal motifs or information on seasonal services or sales. 

Contact a window tinting service to learn more about these options and to determine what will best serve your business.