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3 Reasons To Get Your Windshield Fixed Today

If you have a chip or a crack on your windshield, and you have been debating whether or not you should get the glass fixed, stop the debate and head to your local auto glass repair shop today. 

#1: Insurance-Paid Repair

If you carry comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, there is a good chance that you don't even have to pay for auto glass repair or replacement out of your own pocket. Most car insurance companies offer programs that will fix your windshield without the need to pay a deductible or take a hit to your insurance. You can get your insurance to pay for the entire cost of fixing it. Having a working and safe windshield is so important that car insurance companies are willing to cover the cost for you.

#2: Stop More Damage

A crack or ding on your windshield is different than damage to the body of your car. If your car gets dinged in the door panel, that ding is just going to stay in place. It is not going to spread or get worse.

That is not true with damage to your windshield. Generally, when you get a crack or ding the glass, it will spread over time. This is due to the sensitive nature of glass and how it is composed. If you just leave that chip alone, in a few weeks or months, your windshield is going to be more damaged than it is today, and the option to repair it is going to be gone, and you are going to need to replace it instead.  

#3: Safety

Third, driving around with a damaged windshield is not safe. Minor damage can have a negative impact on the visibility of the driver. Even if a crack doesn't decrease visibility for the driver, it can be a distraction that draws the driver's attention to the imperfection in the windshield instead of on the road. Additionally, your windshield is an essential safety feature of your vehicle. When it is damaged, it can't protect you as well in the event of an accident.

If your windshield has a crack, chip, or ding on it, don't wait to get it fixed. Take it to your local auto glass repair shop today. Your insurance may pay to fix up your windshield if you have comprehensive insurance. Fixing your windshield will stop the damage from spreading and will increase your safety on the road.