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What Does A Commercial Window Repair Service Do?

Commercial windows are typically larger than residential windows, which can make them more vulnerable to damage. If your store's windows are damaged due to vandalism, high winds, storms, or debris, they must be repaired by a professional. Here are four things a commercial window repair service can do for you:

1. Secure your building.

Glass windows are beautiful design elements. Picture windows allow customers to get a full view of the interior of your store. However, broken windows can become security hazards. A broken window can let in animals, thieves, and bad weather. It's imperative that you secure your building as soon as possible. Upon arriving onsite, a commercial glass repair service will work on sealing any breaches in your windows. If necessary, workers will apply boards or plastic to your windows until they can complete your glass repair.

2. Clean up broken glass.

Broken glass can be hazardous to employees and customers alike. Protect the people in your business and avoid costly lawsuits by allowing a commercial window repair service to clean up broken glass. Your repair experts will remove the glass from the interior of your store. Their professional glass removal methods will ensure there are no shards left behind to injure an unsuspecting person.

3. Repair cracked or chipped glass.

If your window is merely cracked or chipped, a repair specialist may be able to fix it without replacing the glass. Cracks can often be filled with clear epoxy, which is a flexible and strong material. When applied by an expert, an epoxy repair can be nearly invisible and impossible to detect. Chipped glass can be fixed the same way. This repair technique is typically only used on small cracks and chips that don't compromise the structural integrity of your window.

4. Replace shattered windows.

If the damage to your windows is too extensive, glass replacement may be your best option. A repair specialist can consult with you about your options. Glass can be custom cut to the exact dimensions you require. A repair service will carefully measure the window area before ordering the correct size of glass. They will remove any remaining pieces of your old window before installing its replacement.

Allow a commercial window repair company to fix your damaged windows. A repair specialist can fix windows of all sizes, in addition to glass doors, skylights, and more. Restore your building's security and beauty with a professional glass repair job.

For more information on commercial window repair, reach out to a local glass company.