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Ditching The Curtain For New Shower Doors

Shower doors offer some great benefits to your shower, and there are many different styles to choose from. If you have a tub in your bathroom, you can use sliding doors, and if you have a walk-in shower, you can buy doors that will work as well. 

Eliminating Cold Breezes 

If you have even been in the shower and had cool air coming around your shower curtain, you know that it can make you cold pretty quickly. Glass shower doors eliminate the breezes coming through and rid the need for a curtain in your shower. 

Sometimes something as simple as the air conditioning coming on can cause a lot of curtain movement, and it can be problematic in smaller bathrooms that have limited space in the shower already. Anytime you can keep the air from coming in or causing the curtain to move around while you are showing can improve the shower experience for you and anybody else using it. 

Adding Style to The Bathroom

If you choose a beautiful set of doors for your shower, they can add a nice touch to the look of the room. The color or finish of the frame can be an accent or blend into the other fixtures in the room already. Clear doors are sometimes lovely in a shower that has a lot of tile work or custom fixtures in it. They can allow people to see the beautiful work done in the shower when they enter the room. They also allow a lot of additional light into the shower when you are in it, which can help if the shower does not have a window in it or is tucked in the corner of the room. 

Adding Space to the Room

Often a shower with glass doors can make the bathroom look larger than it is. The glass doors give the room a more open look, and this is even more prominent if the doors are clear because you can see all the way to the wall. 

Adding Resale Value

A bathroom that is nicely done with tile and customer fixtures is popular with buyers. The glass shower doors can also add to the appeal of the bathroom, increasing the resale value of your home and potentially drawing in buyers that are looking for a luxurious bath. 

It is essential that the doors open and close easily and that they are clean when people view the bathroom, but if the room looks great, it could be one of those things that converts a potential buyer to a buyer if you are selling your home.

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