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3 Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Glass is not just for windows. Glass can be used in multiple different spaces within your home. Glass is a great building material as it is strong and easy to keep clean and sanitary.

#1: Install a Glass Backsplash

First, you can use glass to create a backsplash in your kitchen. Glass is easy to clean and sanitary, making it a great backsplash material. You can use glass backsplash around your stove too; the heat will not damage the type of glass that is used for backsplashes. You can go for a clear glass backdrop, but most people tend to use colored or patterned glass for the backdrop. This can allow you to use a wide range of colors and add some interest to your kitchen design.

#2: Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

Second, you can make your entire shower out of a glass enclosure. Glass enclosures are particularly popular in small bathrooms, as they can make the space feel more open and airier. Glass shower enclosures are also very sanitary; you just need to wipe them down with a squeegee after you take a shower to prevent soap scum from building up on the enclosure. Mildew, as well as mold, should not be a problem with a glass shower enclosure.

#3: Use Glass Over the Tops of Tables

Third, you can put a sheet of glass over the top of just about any table in your home. Adding a glass top over the dining room or living room table can help protect the natural surface of the table and make it easier to clean the table. Small spacers are usually placed between your glass and the table to protect the surface of the table.

#4: Use Glass for Your Railing

Finally, the safety glass used for glass railings is very strong and makes a great railing. If you have a staircase in your home, a glass railing can make your staircase feel more open, while at the same time, provides a safe railing that your kids or pets can't slip through. Glass railings can also be used around your patio as well.

Glass is a great building material that has many functional uses in your home, outside of your windows. Here, you've learned about only a handful of ways to enhance your space with glass. You can learn more about your options by contacting and hiring residential glass installation services.